TheBizTechs is a solution-based company committed to integrity and honesty. Through the years you may have seen other companies taking advantage of the fact the customer may not know anything about a computer and charging them obscene amounts of money to get them back up and running.

Another issue has been companies have unqualified techs to do your repair, charging for hours that a qualified tech could actually do in a fraction of the time.

Here at TheBizTechs we aim to take a positive, pro-active, and genuinely informative approach to all our services. We will at all times let the customer know where they stand and how we plan to go about a solution. We will never oversell a customer.

TheBizTechs has been in business for over 21 years and TheBizTechs supports, computer networks from small to large. We also do Server, PC, and Laptop and active hardware audits. Technology changes so quickly that if you’re not in the loop, you will get left behind. That’s why we continually train on new technology.

Through the years TheBiztechs has grown. We started off with just repairing computers and now we support large networks all over the northeast. We specialize in Remote Desktop (Terminal Services) Remote gateways, and Server security. Another one of the areas we specialize network design and 3rd party authentication

TheBizTechs can also remotely monitor our customers if needed. When remotely monitoring we will know usually before you do that there is a problem and can correct it before you go down to give you the most uptime as possible. We can also monitor your onsite and offsite backups to make sure there are no issues so that your data will be there when you need it.