Built to Last: Recalibrating the Benefits that Attract & Retain Top Talent


We are very excited here at Brio to let you know about an upcoming webinar we have lined up with Retensa, the leader in employee retention analytics. This webinar will help employers better understand which strategies are most effective in attracting and retaining key employees. It is more crucial than ever to focus on retaining talent as U.S. unemployment is at a record low and voluntary turnover is at a record high.

This webinar will cover the following topics:
– What are the key benefits of the most engaged and effective workplaces
– What role benefits play (and don’t) in hiring and recruiting employees
– What benefits have the most influence to retain staff
– How benefits attract and retain top talent across the generational spectrum

Brio Benefits and Retensa’s retention experts will present an informative and interactive webinar explaining how to apply real-world strategies that will fit your organization and employee populations. Don’t forget to mark your calendars!

Follow the link here to sign up for the webinar!

Wednesday, May 15th
1:00-2:00pm(ET) Brio Clients: $0 – No Charge
(Ask a Brio representative for the Promo Code to be verified!)

Public Access: $99

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