Getting Back to Work …and the Labor Laws that Apply

Register by Tuesday, June 16th, 2020 at 11:00am EST, to join our webinar where we will discuss the labor laws involved with returning employees to the workplace. The webinar will be hosted by Joel J. Greenwald, Esq.

Webinar Details

In accordance with state openings, many companies will soon resume operations and get back to business. Joel’s presentation will address the employment law issues that businesses need to know about reopening the workplace and rehiring employees during the current crisis.

Topics We Will Discuss:

  • What legal issues and safety concerns are confronting you now as you bring employees back? 
  • What are the safety protocols and policies to be created and followed?
  • Can, or should, you be taking employees’ temperatures and/or requiring COVID-19 testing?
  • What staffing levels do you need to be at for potential PPP loan forgiveness.
  • How should you handle continued staff reductions?
  • What will businesses need to do to accommodate disabled employees?
  • How do you avoid discrimination and wrongful death claims?

The laws are changing rapidly in the current pandemic/crisis. Therefore, the legal issues discussed here are subject to constant change. It is best to consult with your counsel concerning any specific legal advice you may need.

Register for the Webinar Here

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