Oxford COVID-19 Fully-Insured Member Phone Outreach Communication

We wanted you to be aware that Oxford has been reaching out to fully-insured members via phone advising them of temporary benefit changes due to COVID-19 and directing them online to supporting documentation.

Note: These are not new benefit changes. Oxford is just advising members that they can view formal documents outlining changes that already took place.

Below highlights these temporary benefit changes being communicated to members:


  • Cost share will be waived for in-network and out-of-network COVID-19 testing, testing-related visits (including telehealth) and COVID-19 treatment from 2/4/20-7/24/20


  • Cost share will be waived for virtual doctor visits from 3/18/20 through 9/30/20 for any visit received from a designated virtual care provider (ex: Amwell, Teledoc)


  • Cost share will be waived for telehealth visits with your in-network medical provider through live audio/video conferencing or audio-only visits that are not related to COVID-19 from 3/31/20 through 9/30/20


  • Cost share will be waived for live audio/video conferencing or audio-only in-network and out-of-network behavioral health visits from 3/31/20 through 9/30/20 (excluding Teledoc, physical office visits pay according to schedule of benefits)


  • Coverage will be provided at Plan benefits for cryopreservation services delivered 3/17/20 through 4/30/20 for dates of service within this range.

For the full document titled COVID-19 Notice of Temporary Summary of Benefit Changes for Fully Insured Members from Oxford click here.


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